Leaked: New Google Start-up, "iGoogle for You"


Alright, this is straight-forward estranged question for you: Do you really have such great problems for searching out on web? or let me repharse it for you: Do you believe that needs some really special skills to perform search (I mean other than filling a simple HTML-form and looking at results) for what you are looking on the Web? or You are way too busy for filling in a query on that simple Form Google has it for you? (too many questions…eh?)

If answer to all these questions is “YES”, then fret not. A new part human, part machine super hero can help you or atleast his new start-up will do it. Meet our new Web super-hero Farhad Manjoo ( cybernetic organism i.e. part human and part machine) and he can help you with his i google for you. Still not sure of what we are saying? here’s how it goes:

Farhad has created this revolutionary internet startup, which he calls i google for you. At I Google For You, Farhad will Google for you. Yes, you read it right. No need to query somewhere else and no need to go, painstakingly, through those long lists. You type-in your quey and Farhad will search for it for . When he finds a site which he believe fits your query, he will send you back the link. a link!!!. Yes just a single link and nothing else. So no more juggling through those results which just do not produce enough relevance for you.

You can not question Farhad’s authenticity and ability to find most accurate result as, we have already said, he is part machine and part human. Besides that he also has following claims to his credentials:

….I am a terrific Googler with years of search-engine experience, so I can cut through the chaos online to find you the one link you need. Wading through thousands of bad links is my job, not yours.

Not only this, new biggies like, Mahalo and Search Wikia should also beware because this guy has more agile and accurate abilities than enormous engineering resources, computer science Ph.D.s and racks of supercomputers, constantly tweaking huge algorithms. Farhad also claims,

My new search engine is a radical distillation of that idea. Here, results are determined entirely by people online. Actually, by just a single person: Me.

Now, what really, all this stands for?
Find out your self. go to igoogleforyou.

Who’s this Farhad Manjoo?
As we said, he is new breed of cybernetic organisms, that are ready to power and save our old World Wide Web.

What is technonix trying to tell everyone?
Frankly speaking- nothing- we are trying to prove nothing but we should definitely tell you that you have been fool enough to go through all this and hence, you are TECHNONIX’S APRIL FOOL.

Our Parting shot:

We hope Farhad doesn’t mind all this. We just re-used his prank as spoof for ours.

If you guys really wanna see a search engine, just go to ours: https://www.technonix.com/search/ . Say hello to our old spidey.

Spoof taken from: machinist

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