Weird Newz: Halo Blues-Maniac on the Loose


The great world of gaming does have people with twisted tastes and humor but not necessarily sociopaths or stupid maniacs. Nonetheless, chances of presence of later can not be denied. Specially, after what Joshua Stetar has done, things seem to be turned other way round (that is, psychopaths also play games).

Joshua stetar is a 20 year old man, who went damn psychotic for an unpleasant lunacy he committed for sake satisfying nothing but his stupidity. Stetar drove 40 hours, non-stop, across country from his home in Granville, New York to sit outside the young girls’ house and threatened, via text message, to rape her and her sister. Later, he was arrested this week in Spokane (washinton, USA), Washington for stalking and harassing a 15 year-old girl and her 6 year-old sister he met online playing ‘Halo’.

The security measure that, which the girl forget to observe, was not to give any stranger her personal details. So, parents should definitely watch their children, online but the point is: kids always have a way to get away with “parent-watching”.

sick Joshua’s MySpace profile page: myspace page

[via switched]

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