XP is Faster Than VISTA


Windows XP operating system is about to get faster and Windows Vista isn’t, according to a report that caused a stir online this week as industry watchers speculated that a zippier XP could keep customers from upgrading to Vista. Looks like really bad news for Microsoft because not everyone’s happy with vista especially gamers, although many will still switch to vista for its power performance.

Microsoft, however, said it’s too early to evaluate the two service packs it plans to release next year.

The guys who are testing these early versions are already in the hands of testers like Devil Mountain Software Inc. They ran several versions of XP and Vista through a test simulating common desktop computing tasks. It found the original Vista performed 50 percent to 100 percent slower than the prevalent XP Service Pack 2, or SP2.

Vista SP1, due out in the first quarter of 2008, barely improved the operating system’s performance.

But XP SP3, scheduled for the first half of 2008, did improve on XP’s earlier performance, running 10 percent faster than SP2.

via msnbc.msn.com

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