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So, you are a hardcore gamer with a super strong thumb muscle and a unusually wackiest-smartest-finest (yeah rightyahoo_frustrated.gif ……can’t agree more with you) mind on the planet but we bet that belly or that oozing high blood pressure will definitely take you someday. Well, after death of a gamer in southern China (he actually played games for continous three days), we are very much concerned about your health (and about our news section as wellyahoo_big_grin.gif). Whatever be the cause or reason, a part of your body (stomach or much more of your body) is incessantly sad whenever you dip your self into that vivacious pleasure of gaming. Well, this gadget might prove out to be a great remedy for your health blues.

“Gamercize GZ Sport” is the righteous gizmo that can solve work-out issues of gamers. The Gamercize GZ Sport exercise and gaming gadget utility combines with Playstation 2 (XBOX, if you contact the product site), bypassing the game-console controller. If you want your game to work, you have to work as well. The pedal or stepper utility notices when the user is working out, and when he/she is sagging. If you’re working hard enough, your controller remains connected to the console. If you stop, your play is interrupted (ha! that will gonna get you).

Through Gamercize GZ Sport’s intensity dial, you can adjust the difficulty when you want to work out harder. Once your pace slows below a certain intensity, the controller disconnects from the PS2, and you have to get moving again.

Submitted by Imran Asad

‘,width:’100’,height:’100′” width=”100″ height=”100″ align=”” />According to product site, the gizmo is priced between $159.99 – $179.99 and they claim follwing details about it:

  • Stepper and Cycle versions available!
  • PlayStation2 only. Email us if you want the Original XBox version.
  • Burn more than 600 calories per hour on the highest setting – more than soccer!
  • Plug and play, no drivers or setup necessary
  • Free Play disables the need to exercise, but why would you want to do that?

here’s a demo video of the product:

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