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In our previous post about Alcatel phone, we had reported people’s devastation about multi-functionality. Now, whole computing and gadget community seems to realize the importance of basics. If you surf through net about computing and gadgets, you will get all the “back to basics” special features on almost all tech sites. Sites like MSN tech and gadget guide tells you about basics and how to execute them properly. PC-Mag did a whole cover story about Back to school computing.

Now many companies are toying with this very idea and seem to go very basic. Take, for instance, this WILLCOM CONCEPT PHONE- A BACK TO BASICS PHONE POWERED BY AA BATTERY. Japanese carrier Willcom and Sanyo are working together to present a handset, which will rely on single AA battery for power and will be able to serve up 5 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby. How basic is this phone, anyway? Well, let us tell you that it has no display and thereby, you can not use it for gaming or video playback or even seeing who the heck is calling.

But the good factors are that you get power adaptability that’s pretty much unmatched by any other phone in the market and an array of options that gently massage the side of your face while you’re trying to hold a conversation (which is going to helpful for really long conversations, girl friendly phone…huh?). The phone looks like(see picture) perfectly round shell (actually looks like an AA battery itself)

The downside is this phone will work only with PHS networks. It would be better, if this product was technically revised before its production. Lets see what Sanyo and Willcom will land consumers into.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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