Download redsn0w(redsnow) 0.9.6b4 to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1


Redsn0w(redsnow) has been updated to version 0.9.6b4 and it can now jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 for all iDevices (but tethered for new ones). For those who don’t know, redsn0w is a windows tool jo jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

  • Works for all iDevices. But for newer devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS with new bootrom, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 2G with new bootrom) it is still tethered, which means that you’ll need to connect your newer iDevice to PC if you reboot them.
  • Unlockers please stay away from this release. It upgrades your baseband and you’ll loose unlock, possibly forever.
  • Windows 7 users should use Windows XP compatibility mode.
  • iTunes 10.1 is recommended.

Here is the step by step guide to jaibreak iOS 4.2.1 using redsn0w 0.9.6b4

  1. Download iOS 4.2.1. Download links given below.
  2. Download redsn0w 0.9.6b4. Download links given below.
  3. Open up iTunes. It’ll detect your iPhone.
  4. Press Shift and click restore. Browse for the ipsw file you downloaded in step 1. iTunes will restore the iDevice to 4.2.1. Let it do its work. It may take some time.
  5. Open redsnow (redsn0w). Browse for the ipsw file you downloaded in step1. It’ll verify the file. Click next.
  6. Check “Install Cydia”. Check other options only if you know what you are doing.
  7. Switch off your iPhone and click next. It is very important to switch off your iPhone.
  8. Redsnow (redsn0w) will now guide you to put your iPhone in DFU mode. Do exactly as shown
  9. Once done, it’ll start the jailbraking process. Relax and let it do its work. Do not interrupt or attempt to turn off the device. The jailbreak will complete in few minutes.
  10. Only for new iDevices (iPhone 4, 3GS (New Bootrom), iPod touch 4G / 3G / 2G, iPad)

  11. You’ll be able to open your iDevice but won’t be able to open Cydia. To open Cydia, connect iDevice to computer and open redsb0w again. Do everything again but this time, choose “Just boot tethered right now”. The device will now boot in jailbroken state and you’ll be able to run cydia.

Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 for Mac

Redsn0w 0.9.6b4 for Windows

iOS 4.2.1 for iPad:

iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone:

iOS 4.2.1 for iPod touch:

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130 Responses

  1. Deanio_93 says:

    if my iphone turns off what do i do? when it runs out of battery?

  2. Niles says:

    If my iPad currently has 4.2.1 installed, do I still need to do the restore in iTunes?

  3. Subis says:

    how long does it take to jailbreak mine is already running for 8 mins

  4. Subis says:

    ok, that part is done. now i clicked just booth tethered right now. and again it takes forever. already 15 mins.

  5. brad says:

    Ok so I have an iPod Touch 2g MC model running on stock 4.2.1 fw. Everything I’ve read indicates that redsn0w supports a tethered jailbreak for this, but whenever i locate the .ipsw it asks if i have an MC model and i click yes, and it tells me redsn0w 0.9.6b6 doesn’t support the MC models. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Gorekanchha says:

    I have 2g ipod touch MB model Itried to jailbraek with redsnow0.9.6b4 but every time stuck in loading ramdisk and after several minates comes back recovery mode pls anybody has any idia to solve it help me out guys

  7. jimiz says:

    I downloaded the ios 4.2.1 file but there is not ipsw file in the folder. Am I missing something?

  8. jimiz says:

    I downloaded the ios file for the 3G and it is a file. It does not have a ipsw. However when I click on the 3GS to download, it is a ipsw file. Is there another place to download the correct ipsw file for a 3G iphone for the 4.2.1 ios? Thanks.

  9. Law22inoc says:

    i dont know what all you people are doing to experience your troubles. took me 25min and done. follow the instructions!

    • Uunio says:

      Same here, I was even able to skip the restore step with the downloaded IPSW and it worked perfectly. Sure the jailbreaking part took awhile, but it went down without a hitch.

  10. Law22inoc says:

    i dont know what all you people are doing to experience your troubles. took me 25min and done. follow the instructions!

  11. Smith says:

    i have the same problem with the 2g mc model. it says to check back later even though all sites say it should work.

  12. J............. says:

    thanxxxx……it’s really very easy to break
    plz, give me idea to how to download insalleous by cydia…..

    • Mybrijesh says:

      if you want to install the installoeus then
      you go to cydia first then go to manage then click in source
      then in right side corner click edit then left side corner click
      add” then add this URL. “”
      then once it done
      go back to cydia then search for the installous then download it.
      then get out of cydia and you will find installous on your iphone/ipod screen

  13. Keyz91 says:

    when is the untethered one is going to be released?

  14. Mybrijesh says:

    hey dude this works and it does put the cydia and it’s hack completely but
    the cydia app and my safari internet browser in ipod touch 4G 4.2.1 doesn’t open
    why is that

  15. Vmatos says:

    I got as far as finding the ispw file and running it. Then when I hit shift and click on restore.. it ran for a bit then gave me an error that says, “your IPHONE could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3194). Any ideas?

  16. Eryndogg says:

    mine is stuck on uploading ramdisk… help?

  17. Keyz91 says:

    vmatos.what OS u’re using?if lower than 4.2.1.itunes will display that error cause apple is only allowing the latest version.

  18. Hamdan89 says:

    what happen if i plug off my ipad while in jailbreaking process….is it may cause any problem to my ipad?

  19. Uunio says:

    So far here is what I’m getting on an ipod touch, 2nd gen, NON MC, 4.2.1. I go through the entire process without any problems. I turn on my ipod and there is no Cydia. I checked the instructions again and reran the jailbreak again, but not in any area is there a place for me to check or uncheck, tethered boot. I do a search for cydia on my ipod touch and it isn’t on there. So either I’m missing something, even though it says it’s successful, or I’m completely blind.

  20. Uunio says:

    Ok I completely restored my ipod touch 2nd gen, non mc, tried a different download link for redsn0w and tried again. The options are the same, install cydia, multitasking, custom, etc… but nowhere does it say boot tethered, but it appears to go through the jailbreaking without any problems but no where on my ipod is cydia, or anything different. I’m going to try and downgrade from 4.2.1 if possible, i can’t live without cydia or installous!

  21. Vmatos says:

    Thank you for your input!! I’m dying to get this thing done. I am running 4.2.1. so it should work but ..nada

  22. Hamdan89 says:

    hi…this is my third trying to jailbreak my ipad using another download link…but i dont no why my ipad cannot enter dfu mode…any one help me?

  23. Dakotar11 says:

    i have a 4g ipod touch with 4.2.1 firmware. it says uploading ramdisk then all of a sudden my ipod goes da dink or whatever and its on with no cydia icon and redsn0w is still at two bars on the process of uploading the ramdisk. i got it up two five bars and it quit then i started over and here i am. o and i have windows 7 laptop.

  24. Bblie2002 says:

    how to get ride of the pop up A chance to win Ipad & Iphone4???

  25. Edisonkim says:

    hi, i just get from my uncle iphone4 is from US. i try to updated to 4.2.1 but end up now is keep showing itunes with the cable to plug in can i know what else i can fix it? before that is working after i restart it then the iphone4 show up the itunes logo with the cable plus i was not able to restore any older version please advise me thanks… really appreciated anyone here can help me thanks million^^

  26. kilani says:

    so my options does not show ‘just boot tethered’ for the second part. just shows instal custom bundle, verbose boot, custom boot logos, custom recovery logos? wat do i do

  27. Sergioponce3 says:

    this work for ipod touch 4g mc model?

  28. kyla says:

    i have a 4.2.1 firmware ipod touch , and i didn’t save the shsh

    does it mean i am tethered with 4.2.1 and future firmware forever since i didn’t save the shsh..?


    im just tethered in 4.2.1 firmware?

  29. Gaga says:

    There is no option to check for the tethered boot.. Whats up with that? HELP US!

  30. Gaga says:

    There is no option to check for the tethered boot.. Whats up with that? HELP US!

  31. AJ says:

    I need to travel for work and won’t have a computer that I can install Redsnow so I can reboot my phone while tethered. If I have to turn it off to be on the plane, how can I get it to turn back on? Right now it just sits on the black screen with Apple logo and I can’t get it to work unless I reboot while tethered and re-run Redsnow. Help?

  32. Draconis234 says:

    what is the IPSW?

  33. Tyree says:

    If my ipod touch is currently 2G version 4.2.1 do i have to restore if i want to jailbreak

  34. Maba1012 says:

    can someone tell me how long does it take for the ramdisk to upload i can pass that part pls help

  35. Kbeezy says:

    my computer wont let me download redsn0w, green poison, or anything.Everytime i try it gives me a document in wordpad for it but never the program..wht do i do??

  36. gary cheese says:

    is their any version of red snow that can use the ispw mc148 ipod 2g by way mc model 4.2.1

  37. Jstyle says:

    I keep getting “redsn0w.exe has stopped working” message while downloading jailbreak data…. any ideas????

  38. Zhengyang86 says:

    When will un-tethered 4.2.1 be officially publish?

  39. Shembo_94 says:

    i download 4.2.1 for ipod 4g and it doesnt give us the ipsw file, just a bunch of other files that dont show up in Redsnow… anyone got a solution?

  40. Kurts ipod says:

    I have ipod touch 2g, non mc model, running on 4.2.1. I ran redsn0w, and when i select the ipsw file, it scans it, and then says “unable to recognize firmware/ipsw.” ive downloaded so many times, but it never works. please help!

  41. Kthulhu says:

    Okay, i Downloaded the Firmware Files, but when i go to Restore my Ipod to get the 4.2.1 it doesn’t allow me to restore it with an IPSW file. SOMEONE HELP ME! also i have an ipod touch 4th gen.

  42. Iviet says:

    Okay I got a problem after jailbreaking my ipad I got white Cydia app so I did the fix by booting tethered and now my cydia is fixed. Problem is my internet doesnt work now like i went to settings and wi-fi and it says im connected but cydia says no network connection nor does safari work? Anybody know how to fix this I tried everything from rebooting Ipad, reinstalling firmware and jailbreaking again, nothing seems to work?

  43. sanj82 says:

    i just downloaded the firmware but cannot find th ispw file??? help please

  44. Guest says:

    i wanted to restore my ipod 4g but accidently selected “Install Cydia” instead of “just boot tethered right now”. now i cant use it and when i try to restore it it gets stuck at “Exploiting with limera1n” after going into DFU. what’s happening????

    • Rushhh says:

      I got the same problem but i first did it and it worked and then i realised i had to retor my ipod and when i re runed redsnow it was stuck at the ”exploiting limera1n” plzzzzzzzz helllllpppppppp

  45. Albertothecoolguy says:

    I finally finished all the steps and when i went to cydia to download a theme it restarted my ipod, now it is stuck on the apple logo and wont turn on… what should i do???

  46. Riptig5199 says:

    wait so you can’t download cydia right now?

  47. Neath_rithy says:

    I cannot use any program when I jailbreak already. What can I do next to make it work?

  48. Neath_rithy says:

    I cannot use any program when I jailbreak already. What can I do next to make it work?

  49. Neath_rithy says:

    I cannot use any program when I jailbreak already. What can I do next to make it work?

  50. Mspies46 says:

    my ipod wont turn on after i installed one one the themes and it said to reboot… so wht do i do im freaking out!!???

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