Gull1Hack Jailbreak is Fake?


A recent jailbreaking tool released for iPhone and iPod touch, Gull1hack, is fake.. atleast according to @musclenerd.  Recent tweets from musclenerd confirms this:

@pattyland91 oh and don’t forget their “1 second to install Cydia” lie :) Even with USB speeds you could never do that :) Just too big.

@pattyland91 all you need to do is catch them in a lie once, like I did today (the 16-sec gap). Fakers always shoot themselves in foot :)

The gull1hack blog gave some beta software to selected people. But not even one of them was able to jailbreak their device. Even I tried it with my iPhone 2G and it didn’t work. All we get from the logs is this:

Some of the commentators at the gull1hack blog decompiled the program and found that it is a autoit script and does not connect to iPhone or iPod touch at all. You can see the decompiled script here.

All this shows that gull1hack may be fake, although we would still be looking out for more details. Stay Tuned :)

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