Chritter: Google Chrome Extension for Twitter


google chrome twitter extension mozilla firefoxLike Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome too have support for extensions, although the extensions are very less and presently work only in the developer release of Chrome.

Chritter is a Google Chrome extension which shows twitter messages at the bottom of browser. It uses oauth and hence is pretty secure. With oauth, you don’t have to give your twitter username and password. Here are some of the features of Chritter:

  • Shows recent tweets in the toolstrip
  • Fetches new tweets every 5 minutes
  • linkifies http://links, @usernames and #hashtags
  • Uses oauth to sign in, so you don’t need to give it your twitter password
  • Stores the access token as a bookmark, Simply click on bookmark to sign out.
google chrome chritter twitter addon extension

Download: Chritter Extension for Chrome

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