Watching Movies With the Pod


Unveiled at CEDIA EXPO 2008 , UK, the pod territory offers you enough room to watch, play and relax. Designed and developed by Lee McCormack and engineered by Mclaren Applied Technologies, each capsule is custom-made and hand made considering the customers’ qualifications.

As with quite a few things unveiled at CEDIA Expos, the Ovei is also aimed squarely at folks with wallets so fat they can hardly contain themselves. This home cinema pod made its most recent debut at the CEDIA UK show, where the creators explained that users could slip into the air-conditioned capsule and control their home theater and / or gaming experience via the built-in touchscreen.

The Ovei Pod tries to enhance your personal entertainment experience.

The manufacturers claim that the Pod is flexible enough to be installed with any kit varying from a PS3 to Xbox to any media server with an open choice of color and interior.

Price: $100,000

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