Yahoo! Unveils OneSearch2.0: Voice based search


Yahoo! has unveiled its new version of search,” Yahoo! OneSearch 2.0″ that promises to allow users surf the Internet using their voice. With the voice-enabled search, users can search for anything by simply speaking.

Yahoo! claims that OneSearch 2.0 allows search that return relevant results for practically every kind of query. Users need not Worry about how to speak their query on mobile. They just have to sipmly say it. In addition, users can personalize voice search, as it tends to adapt to the users’ voice as more frequently used. Not only this, the multi-modal input allows users to switch between speaking and typing at any time, they like.

Other features also include, “Search Assist”, which suggests text completion and search just like mainstream Yahoo! search engine. Right now, ‘Search Assist’ is available for the iPhone, and is expected to become available on additional AJAX-compatible devices over the coming months. OneSearch 2.0 also has an idle screen search service that allows integration of the search box right into the main screen to get one-click access to Yahoo! OneSearch.

For now, Yahoo! OneSearch 2.0 is available for selected Blackberry devices including the 8800 series, Curve, and Pearl in the US, and can be downloaded from However, the company plans to make it available globally and support additional devices over the coming months.

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