Weird News4: World's Smallest Websites



There are some webmasters, who are fighting in the ring of web for the title of World’s Smallest Website. We discovered three of them. It takes a while to get what exactly is going on in these sites but with piercer look, you tend understand them.

Firstly, there is where it is only 18×18 pixels in size which is smaller than a small fingernail and yet it have all the functionality to be qualified as a website where it have site navigation, and is even packed with full of fun projects including pong, pacman, space invaders, pinball, a blog and pixel art.

coolornot or more clearly, “cool or not” is third with size 15 x 17 pixels. It has general stuff like weather, pics, tic tac toe, links etc.

dot16 is third contender and even smaller. It claims to be the real smallest website where you can read the latest news in only 16 x 16 pixels.

Frankly speaking, this is all bizzare. what is the use of sites which can be only read by micro-organisms? Although, for human beings, it might be interesting to know all this but nothing more is exciting. So, all micro-organisms are invited to visit these sites. we are enclosing the URLs over here. As for human beings, make sure to take your magnifying glasses with you and also, the interfaces could be pretty annoying. – 18 x 18 pixels – 16 x 16 pixels
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