Oh Gosh! Homer turned into My Phone


Homer Simpson animated talking telephone

Homer simpson, head of world’s most dysfunctional and fun-family can be on your phone as well. The Animated Homer Simpson Phone ($44) features Homer in his favorite chair, taking a much needed nap after a hard day’s work. When the phone rings he wakes up, stretches, and then says one of six witty lines. The phone is equipped with last number redial, flash button, custom or conventional ringer and tone/pulse dial options. Features also include:Flash button Ringer on/off/animation switch Tone/pulse dial switch Ringer hi/lo switch Last number redial button.

The phone is brought to public by KNG America, same guys who brought Animated SpiderMan phone.

You can buy this phone from HERE .

here’s the video demo of the phone:

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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